Green Supply Chain in Real Estate Industry in China

The Chinese government has made a number of environmental policies and laws to deal with environmental issues that partially resulted from the rapid pace of economic development. However, there is still a lack of large-scale, market-driven and voluntary emission reduction behaviors in China,especially in carbon-intensive industries like steel, cement and wood production. These industries, many of which have overcapacity problems, are among the main producers of carbon emissions and pollution in China.  
Research shows that China accounts for 20% of global carbon emissions, of which nearly 40% is generated by the real estate and construction sector, meaning that this sector in China alone contributes 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. In this context, the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE), business associations and leading property developers jointly launched the program “Green Supply Chain in Real Estate Industry in China” in early 2016. The founding members include SEE, the China Urban Realty Association, the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, Landsea Green Properties Co., Ltd and China Vanke Co., Ltd. 
As of November 2016, 70 real estate companies, representing sales revenue of 1.1 trillion RMB (163 billion US dollars) in 2015 or 12% of the whole sector, have joined the program and engaged more than 2,000 upstream suppliers. 
Unlike previous programs conducted in China by governments or individual companies, this program is the first sector-wide, market-driven, voluntary emission reduction initiative that engages companies along the entire supply chain. It is also the business community’s concrete actions to facilitate global emission reduction as well as a prompt response to the Chinese government’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. 

Green Supply Chain in Real Estate Industry in China ——Voluntary Actions Taken by Chinese Companies to Reduce Carbon Emissions throughout the Entire Supply Chain


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